Welcoming 2015, with love

We faced mighty turbulences in 2014. Things have been pretty tough since 2013. A year with trials and tribulations. On freelancing, there's no exact time when you will ever be ready for it. Lutfi just go for it and work things out along the way. But there's definitely a point where he feels certain of his editing and proofreading skills that boosts confidence on his works. Working as a legal Prudential Life Insurance agent provides a platform for him to go further and push his limits. Me? I am a housewife who's trying to fit in the demanding world where a career woman is favourable.

Insecurity is a big challenge to tackle especially during critical moments when there's not even a penny in my purse. We've had some bad and stressful times, but having Lutfi's support definitely paid of. The hardships teach us to be patient, cling more on Almighty, be grateful, appreciate every little things that happened, always be happy, and do things that make us happy. There is breathtaking beauty in the small things and we found it on the hardest days. There are tiny miracles happening all around us. We noticed and honoured it truthfully. Only in the past few months, in the whole years, I can say that I finally can breathe. 

Despite all the hardships, in 2014, BySheluth was born. I decided to turn my hobbies in collecting China and designing to something profitable. I discovered that I am a type 4 person and I change my dressing type. It's called dressing your truth and you may want to know Carol Tuttle. I have spent 24/7 with my son, which I believe not everybody has that kind of privilege and I still breastfeeding my son. Breastfeeding tighten our bonding and I love it when he glimpsed at me while feeding. Those puppy eyes subtly make you want to give more. To love more. To care more. To teach more. Mama really loves you son. Oh, I also own an Etsy store in 2014!

We closed our 2014 journal of life with many lessons learned. We look at 2015 as a year of transformation. First day of the new year marked a brand new day. It's like starting with a blank page, feeling brand new, full of ideas and inspirations that await to be painted into a beautiful canvas. Like all the bad are gone and behind us. A fresh start. A good one. Every year, new resolutions were jotted in planner. The lists either from previous years or a new one, either ways, it is always good to have resolutions. We will continue living the way we honour ourselves today and may 2015 find us with lots more, better than we've ever dreamed of.