Acta natura Vol. 1. No. 1: The Orchidaceae

I've been working on a new print project focusing the varies flowers of the Orchidaceae. In a few days, the image (Tiff file approx. 25.5 MB, A4 size; approx. 11 x 8 inch) will be published in this blog/ store. 

It's always a relief seeing your piece of works are neatly done and ready to be hung on the wall. It represents hard work, mixture of emotions, and appreciation to God's creation. It's never easy to start a brand of yourself, that I aware. It takes continuous efforts and sole support from your beloved to keep on moving forward and challenge yourself. Also, brilliant notes from fellow freelancers can be an elixir to strengthen your motivation.

"Stop living in a shell, feeling doubtful of your work, talents and skills. Start being proud of who you are, your work, step outside your comfort zone. Our community is such a marvellous place and you'll be hugged in the most precious way. Not to mention the self esteem and motivation you'll discover"- Cocorina

So here's to a fresh start and get discovered!


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