Everything shall pass

I've always wanted to write. In fact, I even wrote in my head sometimes. Finding the perfect time to actually write them down stayed idle for quite a period. Not that I am the busiest mother in the world, but having a sick lil' boy in the house is pretty self-consuming, not to mention, when you yourself is also down with cold and fever. 

I really hate it when my body isn't working properly as it should be. Being healthy ensures that my routine runs smoothly. I would be able to move and work things out accordingly and perfectly. Since I love details, I plan almost everything. I even count probabilities. So when things turn the other way around, I become dysfunctional. We left our house for a month, and God knows how much cleaning that I need to do. I also put the launching of my website on hold since I don't have any extra time for myself. My son and I are down with cold and fever and it's been a week now. Struggling to juggle them all only led to frustration. 

I sighed and silently said to myself..These things shall pass..

                                     فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease (94:5)

                                     إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease (94:6)

That verses brings me great relief. Even the longest and hardest times in my life will eventually come to an end. And new delightful things will take their place. This sickness of ours shall pass, the untidy house will soon be cleaned with extra teddy scent in the air, my website will soon be launched when it's ready, my routines will eventually fall back in place. 

Everything shall pass. It's just a matter of time. Bear with it. Live with it. And let it go. This is the beautiful life that I love together with the two most wonderful beings; my husband and son. Even they will one day disappear from my life. Everything, from dark and evil to the most joyous things in my life, shall pass. What I need to learn is that, it's all beautiful. The joy and the pain are all circulating, forming a glittering, pulsing, unpredictable cycle of life. The joy can't be properly experienced without an understanding of pain. 

Little one is in his growing phase, and he requires my ultimate focus and attention. There were moments when my son made amazing leaps in his development phase, like when I said Tiger, he immediately made a hand gesture of a tiger and said aum aum aum. His expressions and movements repetitively flash in my mind just like he had accomplished some sort of a master level skill. 

These moments glitter, twinkle, and gleam like thousands of stars in the sky and I can't pick one. All are beautiful. Whether I am in a good shape or not, this little boy is my responsibility. If love and attentions are what he needs the most from this sick body, then I'll bear with it and prioritize what should always come first. Of course, my hubby is always my top priority. The big boy needs love and attention too!

These daunting phases shall pass and I am looking forward to the future. Beautiful or not, everything shall pass. So just relax, take it easy, and have a sip of hot chocolate.


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