Break the ice!

Finally, a post after a long hiatus! I am busy with a lot of stuffs recently. Especially with little Rai. He is going to turn one next month, which makes me super duper excited. I need to plan on that, edit the blog html, set up my Etsy shop, continue my master's degree research, tons of delayed houseworks, and many more! Someone should give me a big slap to calm me down a bit.

Life has been pretty hectic yet it offers many magical things in return. This blog of mine, for example, has been updated and reborn with a new look. I've launched my first ever online shop at Etsy (bySheluth) which is totally a dream come true! I added new blogs in my reading lists and discovered new inspiring and talented people. I met old acquaintances, visited relatives without having my parents to tag along, and made new friends. Awesome!

On my son. He sure is growing up too fast. Slow down a bit, son! Mama is going to miss the little you. He's practising to walk, which is great! But a friend told me the pre-walking phase needs to be more carefully monitored as accidents frequently happen during this phase. In spite of that, I am thrilled for the future adventurous journey that awaits. What more can I say? He is the most precious gift I've ever been blessed with. Well dear hubby, you are precious to me too!

And on the tea cups, highlighted above is Tuscan, bone china, circa 1947–1972. To purchase, kindly contact me via Facebook, Etsy, or email to Thank you and have a great day!



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