Home. Birthday. Blessings.

It was Wednesday. The morning was beautiful at my in law's place. As always. The Orchidaceae dominated the garden. The flowers can last for quite a long time, enduring the heat of Terengganu. Some of them releasing a pleasant scent and some are odourless. But all are beautiful with various shapes and colours. There are some Malvaceae, Araceae, and the creepers at the front yard. The japanese roses creep on the ground creating a beautiful borders at the road side. On the back, there's a giant vase of Tiger orchid, pandanus sp., limes, and herbs. Paradoxically at noon, the heat was unbearable. It has been a very hot sunny day in Terengganu at noon. Almost every noon since I got back here from the city. As I sighed on the weather, it wrenched my heart more seeing the red roses wilted and longing for water.

There were signs that it's going to rain that evening. Thunders and lightning were roaming in the sky. The dark clouds domed the bright sun. Rain finally streamed down. We were in the car heading back to Dungun that evening. Little Rai was placidly sleeping in my arms so I was enjoying the scenery of pouring rain to the fullest. The raindrops created diagonal veins as it touched the surface of the car's window. I closed my eyes, trying to listen to the rain sounds. Rain has always been my muse. Rain subtly feeds myself with endorphine and soothes my heart. A blessing from the Almighty. 

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (55:13)

My village is at Kampung Baru Kuala Abang. A fishermen village. Cozy, homy, and very dear to my heart. I spent most of my childhood at the beach. On my house, oh my, my wonderful house, what can I say about it ... We live in the middle of the village, in an acre of land. The front yard filled with various vegetatations. Starfruits, palm trees, coconut trees, mango trees, rambutans, jackfruits, longan, and many types of flowers from creepers of Syngonium sp., the Japanese Roses; to the Araceae especially Cyrtosperma merkusii, Typhonium flagelliforme, Lasia spinosa, Homalomena sp.; to the famous Anthurium, hibiscus with various sizes and colours; hydrangeas; roses; bougainvillea; orchids; herbs; and many more! On every side of our house, my parents plant some vegetables such as brinjal, lemon grass, black pepper, limes, pandan leaves, and many others. At the back, we have chickens for eggs! Even if my feet are dirtied with black sand, or I got bitten by the red ants or mosquitoes, I still love my home to the fullest.   

Oh, my handsome boy has turned one! Happy birthday little one, mama loves you a lot. A year has passed, from baby to toddler, then vigorously (OK, I am exaggerating) growing into a little kid. He is one happy boy with big smile on his super cute face. I spent a year plus with him and he has taught me a lot, especially on time management and the real meaning of patience. And on my side, I will teach him all the wonderful things that this life could offer. The glittering memories during these early years will not be remembered. But I know that it is my job to show him that this world is a wonderful place where his cries are heard. His needs are met. His presence is valued. And loving him before he even knows how to love himself. I shall cherish these forgotten memories as these giant blanks will later determine his personality, soul, and how he sees the world. 

It took me 28 years to realize what life is all about. Lead life the way that brings out the happiest of you! Balancing the muses and I am in the happiest state of my life. 


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