Photo bySheluth. The Japanese Rose

Downloadable photo of Pink Japanese Rose

Title : The Japanese Rose 

This image is not for a print. This image is in digital file. The image I will send is in TIFF file, 26.4 MB, and 3244 x 2044 dimension. The photo only cost USD 1.5 (RM5). The file will be sent to your email address in 24 hours after payment.

How you can use the image that I will send to your email address:

You will have the right to print them in any size , as many times as you like for your personal use in any way. You can give them only as printed as a gift. You can use the images in any personal use or a gift use like printing on photographic paper, canvas, cards, plates, posters, shirts, or mugs etc. But you cannot spread the digital images in any web sites or anywhere else. You can ask any questions about these policies before purchasing.

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