Smiles. Nature. Reflection.

What's more beautiful than the smiles of your loved ones? I wish I can make a song of these beautiful reflections of their emotions. Or paint a mural to portray how flowery my heart is while looking at these pretty images. The blooming of happiness in the realm of nature is a source of renewal to our exhausted soul.

Once in a while, I do feel like wanting to be connected to Mother Nature. A walk past the trees recharged my body and washed away all the insecurities, perplexities, and negative thoughts. A fresh breeze of air was nothing other than soothing and relaxing. A deep breath consoled the buried conflicts in the heart. A natural therapy of healing. Looking around and seeing their happy faces, pretty smiles, together with the magical scent of rain, I praised Allah for His beautiful creations.

Lutfi held little Rai in his arms, introducing him to every eye-catching flowers and trees. Najihah, my sister in law, just couldn’t stop enchanting little Rai with her big smile. Me? I followed them around with my Nikon and tried to capture the still moments that projected precious moments or timeless emotions. Well, that Nikon is not exactly mine. It belongs to my husband as a birthday gift from me. Sounds like taking back what has once been given. Nevertheless, I think I have captured enough to remind myself on how beautiful my life is. I am lucky to have my husband on my side most of the time. I shall be an ever more loving mama to my son. I am grateful for all the wonderful blessings granted by Allah.

I think all of us need a little time for renewal. Find your source of happiness and reflect yourselves. In Malay, we call this muhasabah diri.

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