Trio set 'Fragrance' Royal Stafford Bone China (England) circa 1970s-1980s

This beauty was mark with its name; Fragrance. Lovely trio set ( cup, saucer, small plate) with a berry and floral pattern. The trios are in great condition with no chips, cracks or crazing to the glaze. Only 1 available. Based on the backstamp, it was probably circa 1970s. Beautiful set for your love one!

Set trio ini dikenali sebagai "Fragrance" dengan corak bunga dan beri. Dihasilkan oleh Royal Stafford sekitar 1970an. Set masih dalam keadaan baik tanpa rekahan. Buat masa ini, hanya 1 availaible. Hadiah yang cantik untuk yang tersayang! Nilai klasik ditambah dengan design yang cukup elegen oleh Royal Stafford pasti memberi kepuasan kepada pasangan anda. Tidak memerlukan pandangan kedua untuk saya jatuh cinta pada set vintage ini. Set akan dibalut dengan baik, dengan free postcard and appreciation card by Vintage Magic.

History of Royal Stafford

"Royal Stafford is a brand name of an English company from Staffordshire called Thomas Poole. Thomas Poole pottery was founded in 1880 and was formerly known as Johnson & Poole. The 1845 date on the pottery mark is likely to come from the inception of the earlier company. In 1952 the company was re-formed to become known as "Royal Stafford China" an amalgamation of the two firms of Thomas Poole and Gladstone China Ltd. The backstamp on this china indicates it is post 1952 but otherwise is difficult to date". 


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